[Paleopsych] marriage and poverty

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 14 00:46:22 UTC 2005

For a number of years I hung out in the ballroom
dance world.

It was filled with people who were unable to have
relationships but needed contact with the other sex.

Steve Hovland

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Amusing but possibly right on target.  If you come across any "left 
overs" from the advocates of marriage for the poor, you might suggest 
they resubmit to the marriage pool.  I know way too many females post 30 
who cannot find any likely prospects.  Then again, there are many post 
30 males who don't wish to enter the marriage scene.  I think the 
problem is greater than "no one available".  Maybe an examination of the 
"why" might enlighten the question.


Michael Christopher wrote:

>--I agree. I never understood why some people think
>the nuclear family is the answer (especially given our
>tribal evolutionary upbringing, in which the family
>unit was imbedded in a larger culture), when there are
>many people who just can't find someone to marry. Will
>the people advocating marriage for the poor be willing
>to lend their sons/daughters to the cause? Probably
>not. They'll teach their kids to marry upward.

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