[Paleopsych] feminism, etc

G. Reinhart-Waller waluk at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 15 20:57:54 UTC 2005

Michael Christopher wrote:

--Question: how exactly is the impact of "feminism"
being measured? How would one contrast it with the
impact of "masculinism", for example? Or disentangle
the consequences of feminism from the consequences of,
say, greed or video games? 

For starters, how about Googling for "feminism" and see what turns up.  
Or better yet, investigate any university course offering and see what 
turns up for "women's studies".  What you'll find is that just about 
every world country has a listing in conjunction with feminism i.e. 
Russian feminism, French feminism.....  Then take ethnic groups or 
religions and see what the links are available i.e. Islamic feminism, 
Jewish feminism.....
Once you've done that you might view the relationship between feminism 
and a list of academic disciplines such as Feminism and Science, 
Feminism and Religion, Medieval History and Feminism....and so forth.
Feminism is akin to minority studies since women are still considered a 
disadvantaged group needing the same protection given to other 
disenfranchised groups such as Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, and 
Asian.  A tall white male is an anachronism in 2005.  I'm not agreeing 
or condemning what has transpired, only reporting it and will continue 
doing so as a "masculinism" backlash gains in momentum. 

--No doubt, divorce produces a lot of insecurity. Any
schism in family or community is going to add stress
(and that may also apply if fundamentalism or politics
divides people) and a lot of that stress will fall on

Divorce is only one aspect  producing insecurity and hesitancy on the 
part of young people to marry.  A breakdown in traditional religious 
values replaced by rampant fundamentalism is another.   Culturally 
another factor with a huge impact is the Politically Correct Movement 
whereby everyone needs to always be on guard lest something offensive to 
some minority group slips out.  This gives young people a feeling of 
"Big Brother" always watching and competes with romanticism.  Lastly, 
and IMO a hugely important factor is the rift that is developing between 
Darwinism and Creationism.  Neither -ism is accurate in its format yet 
most academics are lining up and grabbing some aspect of one or the 
other movement, most favoring Science which they see as being synonymous 
with Darwinism.  It's no wonder young people shy away from traditional 
marriage.  Their world is upside down!


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