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What is the Islamic radical position on National Health Care in the US?

What do they think about our trade deficit?

If the left is aligned with the jihadists then obviously Rumsfeld is aligned 
with the Baathists because we have a photograph of him with Hussein.

Steve Hovland

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Hey, steve, brush up on your definitions. Hee hee hee
De facto: adjective:   existing in fact whether with lawful authority or 
not (Example: "De facto segregation is as real as segration imposed by law")

Anyway, I looked at your daily kos website. Pretty hateful stuff. I 
don't know a right wing site with quite so much hate speech, I was 
appalled. Bad form and all of that. I have been looking for a left wing 
equivalent to www.townhall.com or www.opinionjournal.com. I keep finding 
hate speech (which I view as mindless and therefore boring). What would 
you recommend?

Opposite of fantasy.

Steve Hovland wrote:

>de facto = inferred = not factual = fantasy
>Steve Hovland
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>Well, I need to read Horowitz' book myself. I read the Radical Son book, 
>and the man is meticulous about his citations. If he says there is an 
>alliance, particularly a de facto one, I would be inclined to give that 
>considerable weight. If you can read the book, I would be interested in 
>trading impressions with you.
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