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In spite of all the propaganda about al Qaeda
leadership in Iraq, the truth is that the insurgency
is being led by the professionals of Iraq's
old army.  

They are fighting a war of attrition and they have 
the British cemetary in Baghdad as proof that they 
did it once and can do it again.

Steve Hovland

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>>I don't think we can get out of having a large army
unless you want to start speaking Arabic and attend
compulsory services in the Mosque.<<

--Does anyone really believe the Islamic radicals have
the power to force Americans into mosques? They want
to crush us economically, force us to withdraw from
the Middle East in humiliation. They couldn't care
less if we go to mosque or not.

If we rely on military power without looking at our
economic situation, their strategy may in fact work.
The Soviets could not maintain a presence in
Afghanistan for economic reasons, despite the
advantage of a modernized military. Bin Laden knows
what he's doing, and it doesn't depend on military
victory but on systematically draining the US of
resources, keeping it bogged down on as many fronts as
possible while the dollar declines. If we are
overstretched militarily, the draft isn't a good
option (it would weaken support for the war
considerably, and require the jailing of a huge number
of resistors) and one can only rely so much on
superior technology before the human element and
economics become more relevant in success or failure.


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