[Paleopsych] islamic radicalism

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
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They may be our enemy, but that doesn't
mean that hordes of sword-waving crazies
on horseback will be coming over the border.

They are kidding themselves if they think
they will conquer us, and we are paranoid
if we think that.

Bin Laden is mostly motivated by anger
about the permanent US bases in Saudi.

I have previously advocated using intelligence
and police methods to decapitate Islamic

The sort of mass slaughter we are conducing
in Iraq is only making them stronger.

Steve Hovland

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Michael, you may want to read Howard Bloom's Lucifer Principle, which 
was published before 9/11, or so I believe. That fact is, if Islam were 
to conquer the west, there would be intense interest in forcing people 
here into their image. That is their history, and it is Bin Laden's 
goal. Islam sees the world as Dar al Islam (land of peace/submission) 
and Dar al Harb (land of war).

Consider that radical Islam may be our enemy. Respect for the enemy 
means being able to see the world through the enemy's eyes, and not 
project onto the enemy our own motivations and world-view.

Christian Rauh wrote:

>Michael Christopher wrote:
>>>>I don't think we can get out of having a large army
>>unless you want to start speaking Arabic and attend
>>compulsory services in the Mosque.<<
>>--Does anyone really believe the Islamic radicals have
>>the power to force Americans into mosques? They want
>>to crush us economically, force us to withdraw from
>>the Middle East in humiliation. They couldn't care
>>less if we go to mosque or not.
>I have been forced to learn English.
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