[Paleopsych] US and Islam

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 02:12:17 UTC 2005

Lynn says:
>>Michael, you may want to read Howard Bloom's Lucifer
Principle, which was published before 9/11, or so I
believe. That fact is, if Islam were to conquer the
west, there would be intense interest in forcing
people here into their image.<<

--If Bin Laden seriously thinks he can force America
to accept Islam as its official religion, then he's a
lot less intelligent than I give him credit for.
Running the US into economic turmoil and stretching
its military too thin is within the realm of
possibility. Converting the US to Islam is not.
Obviously every Muslim and Christian on the planet
would rejoice if everyone converted to their belief.
Both religions predict the destruction of everyone who
doesn't share the faith. But wishful thinking is not
the same thing as plausible strategy. I worry a lot
more about Pakistan's nuclear weapons falling into Al
Qaeda's hands in the event of a coup, than about being
forced to convert to Islam. Even converting the French
to Islam would be impossible, let alone Americans. At
mose, radical Muslims may be able to cow a few
European countries into advancing the interests of
their Islamic minorities. But more likely, they'll
just anger mainstream Muslims as they increasingly
target Muslims who do not share their politics. It
will be that latter fact that turns the tide, and we
are already seeing reactions by Muslims against the
tactics of Al Qaeda when it targets Muslims along with
"infidels". As long as radical Islam targeted
Americans and Israelis, it had a media advantage. Now
that it's routinely killing Muslims, that is changing,
and we should do whatever we can to help moderate
Muslims gain a voice, organize through internet and
cell phones, and form a street presence to compete
with Hezbollah and other radical groups. 


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