[Paleopsych] Pilots give aviation security efforts low grades

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Fri Mar 11 03:35:31 UTC 2005

Reuters News Service
WASHINGTON -- A group of airline pilots gave the U.S. government failing 
grades today in several areas of aviation security including the screening 
of employees and cargo, and defending planes from shoulder-fired missiles.
The Coalition of Airline Pilots Association released its Aviation Security 
Report Card that showed aviation security gets average to failing grades in 
over a dozen subject areas.
The trade group gave failing "F" grades to the government in five areas -- 
screening of employees, screening of cargo, high-tech credentialing of crew 
members, self-defense training for crew and the plan for countering 
shoulder-fired missiles.
The group gave good grades to the government on improved bag screening and 
on reinforcing cockpit doors on commercial airplanes.
Jon Safley, president of CAPA, said filling some of the "gaping holes" in 
aviation security will require major changes in the way the airlines and 
airports do business, and in the way the government manages airline 
"The technology exists, or could be updated


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