[Paleopsych] The next world language

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sat Mar 12 01:31:05 UTC 2005

They don't need to adapt our agenda
in order to find English useful.

The world has had global languages
for thousands of years.  Someday
English will fade and something else
will replace it.

If the Euro is gaining strength against
the Dollar, then it may be that the
people who live in Euro countries
will develop one language from their
whole collection and that this language
would ride out to rule the world along
with the Euro.

The people under the Euro fold do
interract more with each other.  Often
two parties will know a smattering
of each others language, and they
will communicate using this smattering.
It is their own language for these two

Now imagine all the people in Euro-land
talking to each other using smatterings.
The sum of all these smatterings
is Euro-speak.

Steve Hovland

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Christian says:
>>My point was to show the irony of people fearing 
having to learn arabic or going to mosques when other
people are having to learn english. What they fear is
to be influenced to do things they otherwise would

--That's a good point. We often fail to see how much
influence we have, to the point of making life
impossible for others who don't adapt to our agenda.
And yet, we do not want to be influenced ourselves. It
is hard to break out of a bubble, easier to insist
that everyone live in it with you.


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