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Genentech is the mother ship of biotech,
and I know they have big efforts going on
in terms of ERP, on-line training, and in
documenting their systems.  

They are hiring people every day, as are 
other biotechs.

The energy level is very high and they
are rolling in money.

Like other companies in the Bay Area
they have an international staff.

Amgen is also quite large, but based
in Los Angeles, which is very polluted.

There are about 100 biotechs on the
peninsula and another 70 in the East
Bay.  Some of them are very small
and some are probably fronts for
Chinese spying.
If you worked at Genentech for 5 years
then you could take your pick of the
other biotechs.

Make sure you read my posts about
the "Fantastic Voyage."  It gives you
some insight into the potential.

Biotech is an industry, but nanotech
is a technology.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind
about biotech being the next big thing.
They can now grow proteins to do all
kinds of things, and there are further
levels to go.  Right now they are working
at the cell level, but in the future they
will be working at the gene level.

I think that after 50 years of rapid growth,
the computer business has now reached
maturity.  I don't see anything coming
in computers that will come close to
matching the potential growth in biotech.

Steve Hovland

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My degree is a Ph.D. in communication sciences, new communication
technologies to be more specific. Pretty much internet, media and
marketing stuff. My masters is in computer science.

I'm married and looking for a job in industry. My dream job would be
managing a large media website or doing online marketing but any new
tech developing/marketing job is fine.

Many people have pointed that NY is the center of those activities but I
can't stand the east cost any longer. And SF seems to be the most
cultural city in the US, at least the type of culture I care for.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated although it may be a little
too soon.

Thanks for the attention,


Steve Hovland wrote:
> What is your degree in?
> The reason I ask is that the Bay Area is the center
> of the biotech industry, which is starting to take off
> and will do well for many years.  They are hiring
> continuously.  I have done several consulting
> projects for biotechs and plan to concentrate on
> them.
> A lot of those companies, including Genentech,
> the biggest one, are in South San Francisco, which
> is cheaper.  There are also many in the East Bay.
> The cost of living is lower than it was a few years
> ago because of the dot com crash.  I have heard
> that perhaps 100,000 people have left the area.
> The cost of housing is also less in the East Bay.
> This means that you can now rent a room in an
> apartment for $600-700 a month
> San Francisco has pretty good mass transit,
> with an underground and buses.  You can
> live without a car here.  Parking is difficult.
> But it has world-class culture, and people
> from all over the world live here.
> Steve Hovland
> www.stevehovland.net
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> I see. Well, as I get closer to a possible move there, I'll contact you
> again about it. :-)
> Yours,
> Christian
> Steve Hovland wrote:
>>It's a great place but very expensive.
>>Living in a world class city is important
>>to me because of photography.
>>Steve Hovland
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>>Nice. I'm not from San Francisco, yet. It is one of the candidate cities
>>for my next place to live once I finish my Ph.D. in about an year.
>>How do you like it? Would you recommend the city?
>>Steve Hovland wrote:
>>>Mission District
>>>Steve Hovland
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>>>Subject:	San Francisco?
>>>This is Christian Rauh from the paleopsych list. Are you from SF?


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