[Paleopsych] The next world language

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And English is not pure, so it's an example of what 
world languages have always been.

Steve Hovland

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A colleague who is an international business consultant says same. 
English is lingua franca everywhere, from Asia to Europe. He said he was 
at a meeting with both German and French workers, and they speak English 
as the common language. I love English. Here is a great resource:

That said, here is a quiz:

What do you call someone who speaks three languages?

What about someone who speaks two languages?

And what do we call someone who speaks one language?

    -former trilingual
fluent in English, capable in Spanish, German has almost totally 
disappeared. If we could only get a lot of illegal Germans waiting on me 
at McDonalds's I could get my German back quickly.

K.E. wrote:

> hi,
> This is what the world of commerce is speaking.
> Linguisitics
> http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Linguistics/Home_Linguistics.html
> see: Netglish
> "Nine out of ten computers connected to the internet are located in 
> English-speaking countries and more than 80% of all home pages on the 
> web are written in English.
> More than four fifths of all international organisations use English 
> as either their main or one of their main operating languages.
> At the moment no other language comes anywhere near English. The next 
> biggest is German. But less than 5% of web home pages are in German. "
> Karen Ellis
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