[Paleopsych] bringing peace

Christian Rauh christian.rauh at uconn.edu
Mon Mar 14 15:18:49 UTC 2005

To me Ukraine is the most recent example of how to go about "spreading
democracy". There was intense western funding of democratic grassroots
movements and later of the opposition. That was well-known. In this
process some people were persecuted for that, some jailed, some were killed.

There must also be a high awareness of conflict of interests and those
should be avoided. All nations should have the same right for "freedom"
independent of their natural resources of geostrategic positions.

Nations "closer" to democracy should be acted upon first to maximize
investment and buid a broader base before tackling the hard cases.

Finally, spreading democracy may only work if no local militias get
trained and funded to fight. These have always turned into the next
democracy enemy, and US problem.


G. Reinhart-Waller wrote:
> Most nations engaged in civil war have at least two sides
> represented....one side is the one agreed upon in U.S. as capable of
> fostering democratic rule. Shouldn't the quesion be "how does a country
> impose democracy upon another in which voters have no say?" I'm partial
> to  the concept of democracy and like to think that a world in which all
> countries place their votes in a ballot box just might be the next step
> to some sort of world peace.  I'm very pleased to see that Spain's
> Muslim population has issued a fatwa on Osama bin Laden.
> Gerry
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>> Gerry says:
>>>> How wrong is it for your own nation to assume a
>> leading role in bringing about reasonable peace
>> throughout the world?<<
>> --Depends on how you go about it.
>> Michael
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