[Paleopsych] capitalism and influence

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 03:59:37 UTC 2005

Gerry says:
>>Most influential people have one purpose in
mind....sell their product (either tangible goods or
ideas) to others without having to accept someone

--Impossible to sell any product without being
influenced. You have to be influenced by the needs of
consumers (psychological needs if not physical needs)
in order to know HOW to sell to them. You have to be
influenced by shareholders if you work for a big
company. You are influenced by the media you use to
advertise, by the companies you hire to do your public
relations, by the economic textbooks you read in
business school... the list goes on and on. Those who
don't let themselves be influenced, don't make it very
far. Even the President, who marketed himself as a man
who didn't listen to opinion polls or focus groups,
must have people around him who pay attention to polls
and focus groups, in order to sell his message. 

>>It would appear that this so called asymmetry is the
capitalistic way of doing business.<<

--Not at all. Capitalism is a flow of energy, in all
directions. Sometimes an exchange leaves one party
feeling less happy about it than the other, but over
time it's expected that people will learn to get good
value for their time/money and make mutually
beneficial trades. If that were not the case, the
whole argument for capitalism as a sustainable system
would crumble. 


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