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Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 16 03:29:21 UTC 2005

Our big stick lost in Vietnam.

If the war in Iraq continues the 2006
election may be a referendum on it.

If it is still going in 2008, any candidate
can win who can credibly promise to
end it.

Steve Hovland

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Very good point. England helped us with Iraq; now Germany and France are 
showing more support. However, the reality is that Europe is useless 
because they have cut their militaries beyond bone, and cannot actually 
show up with force. Europe also is useless because the wars have left 
them too  tolerant and they make money from dictators and dangerous 
tyrants. Canada is useless as an ally, unless Alberta & the heartland 
seceeds. South America has a strong military tradition but little 
respect for civilian authority. Poland and a few other countries have 
some potential for alliances. China is an economic enemy. Australia is 
an excellent ally. So we have England, Australia, and Poland. Enough? 
Probably not. I wish I could see where we could turn. Any ideas?

The big stick helps us negotiate with the Syria type countries, and we 
are better to never use it.  Your point about bankrupcy is excellent; 
there is a genuine danger of that. We are already far too dependent on 
China to bankroll our deficits. China is over a barrel, they cannot 
afford to cash in their bonds. Things are a mess.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?


Michael Christopher wrote:

>Lynn says:
>>>World history seems to tell me that without cops the
>worst people dominate. Thus, the world needs a cop.<<
>--I don't see any one nation being able to be the sole
>"cop" for very long without bankrupting itself. It may
>be possible for several nations to form temporary
>alliances to deal with problems as they arise. That
>may work better.
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