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Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D. ljohnson at solution-consulting.com
Wed Mar 16 04:46:18 UTC 2005

Here is an interesting interview of Clayton Christensen, Harvard Prof 
and proponent of disruptive innovations. His ideas apply to societies as 
well as businesses, IMHO.

Intro blurb: IN RECENT YEARS, HARVARD Business School professor Clayton 
Christensen has gained a reputation for his work on "disruptive 
innovations"--products or systems that create entirely new markets. His 
first book, The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great 
Firms to Fail (Harvard Business School Press, 1997), was named the best 
business book of 1997 by The Financial Times and Booz, Allen & Hamilton, 
and remains a stalwart in CIO's Reading Room 
<http://www.cio.com/books/>. Christensen's research explains why 
established companies--even those competently managed by smart 
people--have such trouble countering or embracing disruptive innovations 
that are on the horizon. His theory is that organizations customarily 
develop mind-sets and processes that revolve around doing what they 
already know. Once that pattern becomes established, managers have great 
difficulty justifying to others or even themselves the need to turn 
their processes upside down to respond to a barely emergent market 
change. By the time the threat is apparent, however, it's usually too 
late; upstart companies have seized a substantial lead.

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