[Paleopsych] From Eshel--A Glitch in Genetic-centrism

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Mon Mar 28 19:07:01 UTC 2005

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>Subject: [Paleopsych] From Eshel--A Glitch in Genetic-centrism
>Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 01:48:07 EST
>_Deinococcus radiodurans_ (http://deinococcus.allbio.org/)  is  able to
>withstand the shattering and spattering force of radioactivity by  keeping 
>apparently super-condensed backup copies of its genome, then  rebuilding 
>genomic sequences that have been destroyed.
>If a genome is the most economical summation of a species past possible,  
>can it be condensed into a backup copy?  Is there, as Joel Isaacson  
>an Ur pattern, an implicit pattern from which a mashed gene can be
>re-extracted?  Does the deciphering of an ancient pattern, an implicit  
>pattern, an
>Ur-pattern, change as the context that extracts it changes?

Hi Howard,

I actually think more in terms of an Ur-Process that leads to Ur-Patterns.
In my view, our cognitive apparatus is comprised of zillions of those
Ur-Processes, interlocked in certain ways.   The very elemental  Ur-Process
involves local recursive discrimination of differences.   Repeat:   LOCAL 
DISCRIMINATION OF DIFFERENCES is a key.   Interlocution of many
Ur-Processes yields global Ur-Patterns that are pervasive in Nature, at all 
(Biology and genetics are subsumed under these processes and involve the 

Such Ur-Patterns come to our awareness as "snapshots" during the incessant
flow of the Ur-Processes.


-- Joel Isaacson

PS  Baby girl No. 2 arrived this morning in Washington, DC.

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