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Blogcritics.org: The Schiavo - Schindler Family Feud

    Posted by [168]Z.Z. Bachman on March 29, 2005 03:59 PM (See [169]all
    posts by Z.Z. Bachman)

    [174]Tube Feeding
    Bonnie Bruce
    Book from Jones & Bartlett Publishers
    Release date: 15 February, 2001

    In a retrospective reversal of sorts, [175]Scott Ott
    describes the last hours of Michael Schiavo as he nears his long
    awaited nirvana after seven traumatic years of ordeal being deprived
    of the death of his wife...

      (2005-03-29) -- Attorney [176]George Felos today said that his
      client, Michael Schiavo, entered the 11th day of [177]depriving his
      wife of food and water looking peaceful and 'as beautiful as I've
      seen him in years.'

      'Death by dehydration is not the awful specter that so-called
      'pro-lifers' have portrayed it to be,' said Mr. Felos as he stood
      outside of [178]Terri Schiavo's Florida hospice. 'I was actually in
      the room with the Schiavos. Michael looked very peaceful. He looked
      calm. I saw no evidence of any bodily discomfort whatsoever, even
      though he's not receiving morphine.'

      'As [179]Terri gets closer to death,' Mr. Felos added, 'her
      husband's face has actually taken on an almost euphoric
      appearance.'" - [180]Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

    All eyes (and cameras) will be on the family reunion after Terri
    passes. The [181]autopsy and [182]cremation services planned should
    make it to prime time. It's rumored that FOX Network and Trump
    Industries are picking up the rights to the new reality TV show. The
    Schiavo - Schindler Family Feud. Where for one year the "loving"
    families are forced to live next door to each other in a typical
    suburban setting while being filmed by inconspicuous TV camera crews.
    Join the weekly excitement and share in the intrigue as they lob
    verbal pleasantries at each other and exchange small arms fire during
    a typical Memorial day BBQ. Each episode ends with a boardroom meeting
    at the "hospice" where an "activist" judge sentences a family member
    to either a forced feeding with a [183]Corpak Low-Profile Gastrostomy
    Device (LPGD) or a 3 hr. morphine drip of their choosing. -- [184]ZZB


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