[Paleopsych] can't read all the articles

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 19:11:16 UTC 2005

Just wanted everyone to know that if a lot of people
are posting very long articles, it takes way too long
to read and I just skim the digest. If you want me to
see what you post and respond to it, post a paragraph
and a link to an article rather than the entire thing.

Also, it would be kind of cool if people would post
articles by balanced sources, rather than Ann Coulter
or some other biased pundit. Slandering the Left or
the Right as a mass is not nearly as interesting to me
as asking why humans fall engage in primate social
politics, what evolutionary psychology might say about
Left/Right divisions, and what might be done to
promote civility in politics. 

I don't think either side in the Schiavo case are
"Nazis", and I don't think it's moral to promote a
political climate where some group is seen as "evil",
because there are people in our society who will take
matters into their own hands and physically attack
those who have been labelled by the mass as evil. We
should never mark someone for assassination with our
words by comparing them to a Nazi or labeling them as
evil rather than misled or sincere but wrong.


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