[Paleopsych] NYT: Class Matters: A Bibliography

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Class Matters: A Bibliography

    Following is a selection of books that were consulted by reporters and
    editors working on this series.

    Bourdieu, Pierre
    [46]Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste (1984,
    Harvard University Press)

    Bowen, William G., et al
    [47]Equity and Excellence in American Higher Education (Thomas
    Jefferson Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series)

    Bowles, Samuel, et al (Editors)
    [48]Unequal Chances: Family Background and Economic Success (2005,
    Princeton University Press)

    Conley, Dalton
    [49]The Pecking Order: Which Siblings Succeed and Why (2004, Pantheon)

    Franklin, Benjamin
    [50]The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (Dover Publications)

    Frank, Robert; Cook, Phillip J.
    [51]The Winner-Take-All Society: Why the Few at the Top Get So Much
    More Than the Rest of Us (1996, Penguin)

    Fussell, Paul
    [52]Class: A Guide Through the American Status System (1983,
    Touchstone Books)

    Kingston, Paul W.
    [53]The Classless Society (2000, Stanford University Press)

    Lamont, Michele
    [54]Money, Morals, & Manners: The Culture of the French and the
    American Upper-Middle Class (1992, The University of Chicago Press)

    Lareau, Annette
    [55]Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life (2003, University
    of California Press)

    Neckerman, Kathryn M. (Editor)
    [56]Social Inequality (2004, Russell Sage Foundation) [Chapter 2, on
    family structure, and Chapter 10, on working hours, are especially

    Niebuhr, H. Richard
    [57]The Social Sources of Denominationalism (1929)

    Scharnhorst, Gary, with Jack Bales
    [58]The Lost Life of Horatio Alger Jr. (Indiana University Press,

    Wood, Gordon S.
    [59]The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin (2004, Penguin Press)


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