[Paleopsych] What's the survival value of posttraumaticstressdisorder?

JV Kohl jvkohl at bellsouth.net
Tue May 17 04:24:39 UTC 2005

I've long thought that the link between PTSD and rape is olfactory. War 
vets response triggered by smoke;
women's response triggered by the natural scent of a man--or event 
associated odors: alcohol, etc. The natural
scent of a man can evoke chemical changes in reproductive hormone 
levels, which would also affect personality.
The association with natural masculine scent is most likely to alter 
intimacy with a rape victim's loving spouse/lover.
She will respond to him, unfortunately, as her traumatized body 
responded to the rape.

I wonder how much you've heard, read about the olfactory connection--and 
how much validity you think
there is to it.

Jim Kohl

Alice Andrews wrote:

> Steve wrote:
>     Her chemistry will change, and depending on where she is
>     developmentally (her life-history), her personality may actually
>     change! (Pre, say, 25 years of age).
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