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"Forget  the idea that consumers in China don't have enough money to
spend," said David Hand, a real estate and retailing expert at
[4]Jones Lang LaSalle in Beijing. "There are people with a lot  of
money here. And that's driving the development of these  shopping

There are still millions of people in China who do not have enough money to  
spend, but many enterprising Chinese are starting private businesses. One 
young  man I met had his own travel business and was doing quite well. Another 
young  woman in X'ian who was a travel guide invited me back to her Spartan but  
quite spacious apartment. I did however meet the poverty stricken laborers  
and beggars and trinket sellers who will never enter the new malls.

Lorraine  Rice

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.  
---Andre Gide  

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