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These days the most important health care is
what you do for yourself.

Drinking filtered water, not drinking very much
alcohol, eating good food, and getting the right
amount of exercise are the core.

The things you can do to keep from getting
old too fast are also the things that keep you

"The Anti-Aging Solution" by Giampapa, Pero,
and Zimmerman is an excellent starting point.

Steve Hovland

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"About half of all bankruptcies in 2001 were the result of medical 
problems and, surprisingly, most of those (more than three-quarters) who 
went bankrupt were covered by health insurance at the start of the illness."

"On average, out-of-pocket medical costs reached $13,460 for those with 
private insurance and $10,893 for those with no insurance. Ironically, 
those with the highest costs, on average about $18,000, were people who 
initially had private health insurance but lost it after becoming ill."

Even those who don't go bankrupt tend to lose whatever savings they 
have. I can't imagine much worse than seeing everything I've worked for 
my entire life be spent on medical costs--and in many cases that's what 

I've worked in the medical laboratory for many years and have seen test 
costs escalate far beyond most people's ability to pay. A co-worker 
recently was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and has estimated she 
will be out of pocket more than $15,000 by the time she finishes 
chemotherapy. One of the worst things about this is that we work at a 
hospital, and have a group policy through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Even 
though she has seen only participating providers, the number of charges 
not covered is enlightening. Most of us would be better off being 
illegal immigrants, who get their medical care for free. About 4 
non-English speaking patients with no insurance deliver babies here (in 
Northern Georgia) compared to each non-Hispanic White. Cancer and 
disability supplements with set payments are expensive jokes, that will 
only stay the bankruptcy for a short time..

Meanwhile, the Veteran's administration (the last place anyone wants to 
go for medical treatment) no longer accepts honorably discharged 
Veterans into their program, unless the Vet is earning less than $18,000 
per year.  Until two years ago, the program was open to all Vets. Now 
that there will be more injured vets coming home,  I'd need to be half 
dead and competely broke before seeking help from the Veterans 

I wish you all good health, you need it.

Jim Kohl

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>     --Only if you actually call it "health care". But not
>     when you call it "socialist tyranny". It's all in the
>     framing : )
>     Michael
> I imagine that you are one of the lucky ones whose employer provides 
> yours. Mine costs me $468 a month, one third of my monthly income.  My 
> daughter has no healthcare insurance at all.
> Lorraine Rice
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