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>>First, dedicated bright people who want to serve and
help,  and second, dunces who want to get a degree but
aren't smart enough to  finish anything but a education
degree. The low averages make me thing  
that the second group is by far the largest.<<

--I'm  suspicious of claims people "aren't smart
enough". More likely they are  attempting to work
within a system that doesn't match their mode  of
information processing. Kinesthetic modelers trying to
adapt to a  lecture format, for example. They may well
want to serve, but have a  problem adapting to the way
information is presented. Or, they may have  emotional
problems that hold them back and make them more
compassionate  toward students. There are many
possibilities, other than calling them  "dunces". 

One could assume from the above paragraph that the
author  isn't smart ("a education degree") or one could
guess the writer was  hurried, or has a processing
style that doesn't match the written format. I  don't
like that we've become so quick to judge as a culture,
and so  uninterested in why brains do what they  do.


When we look in a mirror, we think we see ourselves as we really are, but  in 
reality not only is it backwards, but it is two dimensional. My friend, Mike  
Waller once wrote a poem about the rose-colored (or he would say 
rose-coloured)  glasses with which we view the world, ourselves included. 
O May No Some Pow'r the Giftie gie  us........... 
I think old Rabbie got it wrong, 
Our world would not last very  long 
If we could see with steely eye 
The self that's seen by  passers-by. 
The human brain's perhaps the  best 
But in one way it fails the  test. 
In planning all our clever acts 
We need a mind which faces  facts. 
Yet one such fact we deeply  fear: 
There ain't much point in being  here. 
As billions of us come and go, 
>From whence and whither we don't  know, 
Our egos need stout walls and  roof 
To shield them from this dreadful  truth. 
So, whilst outwardly there's no  sign, 
Inside ourselves we build a  shrine. 
There, raised upon a noble  plinth, 
Which stands within a labyrinth, 
There dwells the sacred sense of  self 
So crucial to our mental health. 
These gods, who hold us all in  thrall, 
Demand delusions shared by all, 
Which serve to fool the human  race 
That everyone's a special case. 
So when your mind to ego turns 
Forget about old Rabbie Burns. 
As of yourself you take a view 
Wear spectables of rosy  hue.

Lorraine  Rice

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.  
---Andre Gide  

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