[Paleopsych] saving the world--Michael

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Mon Nov 14 21:01:36 UTC 2005

But how did it come to pass that "greedy psychotics" took over the 
business world? It is not very helpful to fervently hope that somehow 
artists and magicians will take over. Have they ever run businesses in any 
quantity? More seriously, what is there about the *current* rules of 
business that result in "greedy psychotics" taking over? Have the rules 
changed? Has the supply of "greedy psychotics" increased? If so, why?

I urge you to always think about processes and the rules governing those 
processes. But I'll wait to read what you say about them in your book.


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> Capitalism is clearly at a turning point,  having been largely
> taken over by greedy psychotics.   It's time to give more
> status to the artists and magicians in the  corporate world.
> heartily agreed
> howard

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