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And those "people" have driven the passion
out of corporations.

The extra effort that makes companies really
perform comes from the passion that people
invest in them.

Many years of downsizing, oursourcing, and
pay squeezes have killed the passion in most

I think most corporate employees these days
have an arms-length relationship with their
companies.  If nothing else, this is because
the employee manual of almost every major
corporation has an "employment at will"

Why should anyone love an organization
that will discard them at any moment
for no reason at all?

This will not be fixed easily.  It may be the
work of a generation because the people
who are now working in corporations
have all been damaged by this.

The "leadership" groups will have to pass
through the needle's eye to get to a better
place with the other 98% of corporates.

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    Capitalism is clearly at a turning point, having been largely
    taken over by greedy psychotics.  It's time to give more
    status to the artists and magicians in the corporate world.

  heartily agreed


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