[Paleopsych] deregulation and culture rot

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
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Gas price gouging is the most recent
example of bad behavior by the unregulated.

A few years ago California was raped by
the electric utilities.

The "health care" industry is the largest
perpetrator of gouging at the present time.

Someone made a lot of money shorting stocks
on 911, but the SEC has not investigated.

We need regulation for the same reason we
need cops:  there is a percentage of people
who will take advantage if they aren't 


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Steve says:
>>The whole process of deregulation has turned
the economy into a playground for white collar
criminals.  The decent people are still out
there, but corporations overall have become
a parasite on our society.<<

--I'm not sure if that's a product of deregulation,
rather I'm wondering if our entire culture, corporate
and non-corporate, has eroded to the point where guilt
is dismissed automatically and where criticism is
habitually deflected. I've seen that tendency in
people at various levels of the social hierarchy, and
it's by no means confined to corporate culture.
Deregulation may be a symptom, but I'm not sure it's
the cause. When responsibility is denied at all
levels, it will inevitably be more noticeable in
groups that have a great deal of power and influence,
but it might be a mistake to blame the powerful alone.


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