[Paleopsych] Digital Chosunilbo: No Sex Please, We're Asian

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Tue Nov 22 17:44:30 UTC 2005

No Sex Please, We're Asian
Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition): Daily News in English About Korea
Updated Nov.10,2005 18:25 KST

Asia's rapid economic growth and the heavy stresses associated with it are 
taking their toll on people's sex-lives, a worldwide survey suggests. According 
to the annual global sex survey by the U.K. condom manufacturer Durex, people 
the world over have sex on average around twice a week or 103 times a year.

At the bottom of the list was Japan, a nation with a word for "death from 
overwork," with 45 times per year, short of even half the global average. 
Singaporeans ranked second with 73 times. Nine Asian countries were among the 
bottom 10: India with 75 times, Indonesia with 77, Hong Kong with 78, Malaysia 
with 83, Vietnam with 87, Taiwan with 83, and China with 96. Sexually liberated 
Sweden was the only non-Asian country with 92 times a year. Korea was not 
included in the survey covering 41 countries and 317,000 people.

On the other hand, the Greeks were estimated to have the most vigorous 
sex-lives with 138 times of a year, followed by Croatians with 134 times. 
Serbians and Mongolians came in joint third place with 128 times, followed by 
France (120), Britain (118), the Netherlands and Poland (115), the U.S. (113) 
and Australia (108).

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