[extropy-chat] article: Who Controls Your Health Care? (Shape magazine)

Max More max at maxmore.com
Wed Oct 29 13:07:03 UTC 2003

At 09:39 AM 10/29/2003, you wrote:

>>In Lombardi's article, she describes the practices of Catholic and
>>other faith-based hospitals, presenting some alarming stories about
>>what these hospitals will and will not do for the health of women
>Isn't Italy a government supported health care country?  If so, this would 
>explain it.  But don't Italians get tax breaks for having children?  I 
>wonder if the population is dropping in Italy, as in many other countries.

Yes, Italy's population is in decline -- surprisingly so considering the 
method of birth control practiced (in theory) by Catholics. In Monty Python 
land that method is known as the "Every Sperm is Sacred Method".


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