[extropy-chat] article: Who Controls Your Health Care? (Shapemagazine)

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Wed Oct 29 16:34:59 UTC 2003

From: Amara Graps 

>Isn't Italy a government supported health care country? If so, this would
>explain it.

"I don't think I followed your comment, Natasha. The article was
about Catholic-based hospitals in the US, but I added my own opinion
about other countries' hospitals too.
(I.e., I don't know to what your 'it' is referring.)"

Referring to the lack of appropriate health care given to women because of
Catholic views.

"Yes, Italy is a government supported health care country, if you can
call it that. Most people have private doctors though, because the
public health care is often poor, and moreover, if you have an
emergency condition, you will have to wait. Days, weeks, months. If
you want an appointment with a public health care doctor, your
appointment will likely be far in the future. (Example: when I
called to make an appointment in mid-September with an eye doctor
because my eyesight has deteriated rapidly this year, the first
available appointment for me was/is in April.)"

I didn't have to go to the doctor when I lived in Italy, thank goodness. I
did in Japan, although, during my pregnancy.  I was rejected by one women's
hospital before getting to a hospital that performed the surgery.  I was
held there in intensive are for two weeks. I would sneek out of my room at
night and teach myself how to walk again.  A Japanese friend helped me to
escape from the hospital. 


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