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Brian Shores artillo at comcast.net
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That's pretty much what I am using my gmail for, too (Thanks again,
Giu1i0!). I am an internet DJ on the weekends again and I am using it to
shuffle MP3's, graphics, and website files to and fro, while also
keeping an up-to-date copy of my most often used documents in a
subfolder in gmail.


PS - tune in to our station sometime! www.fusedradio.com (you will need
Winamp or Media Player, or stream directly into a plot of land in Second
Life). My first show with them will be this Sunday night 10pm-Midnight
EST. Artillo's Heavy Metal Hoedown is back!!! :D

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I'm treating gmail like  a briefcase, you unload the new documents back
home. The advantage is that you can travel heavier. As well  hardware
theft is not a concern. I think I'll treat it like a lotus notes
environment. I have several parners and I will see how it works to have
all of us access this common email and document platform.

The big thing will be to see how well the spam is controlled. Lately,
our ISP has put in a system that catches 95% of spam and mistakes
perhaps 1% of legitimate mail as spam. Yes , my first machine was a
Zenith 40 meg laptop which I used mostly like a desktop.

Yes new machines, the home one with 2 or 3 drives and operating systems
similarly  and  a sturdy little very mobile , roadwarrier laptop are in
the plans.

google might add features and likely won't just drop everything without
lots of warning. Eugen Leitl wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 12:52:38AM -0500, Extropian Agroforestry 
> Ventures Inc. wrote:
> > Thanks immensely for the invite.
> > I've been loading a mobile office platform on gmail  and redoing my 
> > website and
> Do you realize the service is beta, and makes no guarantee on 
> availability and data integrity? I wouldn't use Gmail for anything 
> business critical.
> > blog in tandem.  Saves lugging a briefcase of documents  I might or 
> > might not need and saves getting a laptop for the road.
> A laptop is a useful thing to have. Given that Windows systems are 
> giving you issues, consider getting an iBook  (.Mac and VirtualPC and 
> Bluetooth/WiFi might be worthwhile options for you, also I would get a

> 512 MB memory extension).
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