[extropy-chat] Perseids: July 23 - August 22; Peak: August 12

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Wed Aug 4 14:19:40 UTC 2004

Perseid Meteor Shower


Perseids: July 23 - August 22; 
Peak August 12

"The Perseids are the best-known of any meteor shower. Occurring as
they do in mid-August, they can be observed under the warm and
comfortable yet darkening skies of late summer. Because of the
consistent strength of the shower, and its convenient time of year,
the Perseids are observed by more astronomy enthusiasts than any other
shower, and are by far the most likely display to be observed by the
general public."

The Discovery of the Perseids

(I hope that I will have an awesome view: I'll be in a waning
moon dark sky at Lake Shasta, Calif. during the Perseid Peak:
http://www.mtshasta.com/index.html  click on 'ShastaCam')



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