[extropy-chat] The other space program

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Wed Aug 11 21:16:15 UTC 2004

--- Dennis Roberts <live2scan at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Is anyone on this list familiar with  JP Aerospace?
> I'd seen some interesting but rudimentary efforts at
> building a private launch capability in the past on
> their website.
> http://www.jpaerospace.com/
> Went there yesterday and I was blown away by the
> change. If they can pull this off. "JP Spacelines"
> can't be too far away. I'm impressed by the use of
> ion propulsion, a vastly under used system.

I have some friends on their team.  I'm not certain
whether they'll be able to pull off step 3 - something
light enough to float yet strong enough to withstand
hypersonic velocities (even with the tradeoff: the
lower in the atmosphere one goes, the more one can
float to resist gravity, but the stronger the craft
must be if moving fast) - but even if they can just
pull off step 2 - the Dark Sky Station - that'd be
rather impressive.  I do think they'll get at least
that far.

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