[extropy-chat] The other space program

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 12 02:10:14 UTC 2004

> Adrian Tymes

> > http://www.jpaerospace.com/
> > 

> I have some friends on their team.  I'm not certain
> whether they'll be able to pull off step 3 - something
> light enough to float yet strong enough to withstand
> hypersonic velocities...

Ja, this is way cool, is it not?  The forces on the craft 
due to high velocity is proportional to the density of
the medium, so if they float way up there, then perhaps
this scheme could work.  Balloons can get up to where the
atmosphere is less than 1% the density down here.  Im
pleased to see a radical new approach to an old problem.


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