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Brent Neal brentn at freeshell.org
Sat Aug 14 14:06:31 UTC 2004

 (8/14/04 5:49) Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:

>> I think people (other heads of state) will distrust Kerry less. 
>> I would.  I'd give Kerry one chance. I wouldn't give Bush another
>> as I think he's already mishandled the UN and the US interests
>> in the UN beyond his capacity to repair it. (It being the US 
>> interests in the UN and the UN generally. I think the US needs
>> to get rid of Bush to start to get its word of honour back). 
>Only because you don't know Kerry. The people who know him best as a
>commander, other Swift Boat veterans of Vietnam, almost unanimously are
>disgusted with him, and say he is unfit for command.

One particular wingnut, who has had a vendetta against Kerry since the 70's, says he's unfit for command. There are just as many swift boat vets who sing his praises. And the vets that O'Neill (the wingnut) has been holding up as witnesses against Kerry have been rapidly backpedalling, since the discovery that O'Neill's book quotes them out of context and distorts the actual record - one of them was quoted as saying that he felt that O'Neill is engaging in an unwarranted smear job because of Kerry's opposition to the Vietnam War.

And besides, even if Kerry is a dork, he's -still- better qualified than W.  At least Kerry had the honor and integrity to go, even though he disagreed with it, instead of getting Daddy to place him in a nice safe reserve unit where he could get plastered and play hide the salami with buxom civil servants.

Besides, Kerry's already shown how he reacts when the shit hits the fan. There's another swift boat vet alive today because Kerry did the right thing.  Bush, on the other hand, wanked off for 7 minutes when things dropped in the pot.  Yeah, that's decisive leadership for you. Mhmm.

>THe bioethics council can only reach so far as federal dollars are
>spent. As has been shown recently, it's not far enough, and I'd frankly
>appreciate the federal government not spending more taxpayer dollars.
>The deficit is bad enough already.

A deficit for which you can thank W. 

I'm particularly bitter about this ever since I woke up one morning convinced I had entered the Evil Parallel Universe(tm) because the Democrats were talking fiscal responsibility and the Republicans had mortgaged the entire fscking country.  We will -never- see a comprehensive tax reform in our lifetime, due to the asininity of the Bush tax cuts. Instead of providing real tax relief, we got more of this Clinton-era "targetted" bullshit, only this time designed to benefit folks who make 3 times what I do. The tax cuts that would have provided real macroeconomic benefits were "phased in" over such a long time span as to be effectively useless and to add insult to injury, they 'expired' after a period of time because Congress didn't have the fscking balls to make them permanent. And then, Bush encourages his lapdogs^W^W the Republican-controlled House to increase Federal spending by amounts that would have given Lyndon Johnson a raging boner.

And this doesn't even -begin- to touch on the erosions of state sovereignty and individual liberties that those neocon bastards have wrought.  I'm not going to claim that Kerry is going to be what I want to see in office, but at this point, I'm willing to take the chance to see. I -know- what will happen if Bush stays in office.  (Disclosure: I've voted for either Republican or Libertarian candidates for president since I was old enough to vote.)

I'm going to make another pot of coffee. Vitriol alone is not sufficient to get me moving in the morning.

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