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>  (8/14/04 5:49) Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >> 
> >> I think people (other heads of state) will distrust Kerry less. 
> >> I would.  I'd give Kerry one chance. I wouldn't give Bush another
> >> as I think he's already mishandled the UN and the US interests
> >> in the UN beyond his capacity to repair it. (It being the US 
> >> interests in the UN and the UN generally. I think the US needs
> >> to get rid of Bush to start to get its word of honour back). 
> >
> >Only because you don't know Kerry. The people who know him best as a
> >commander, other Swift Boat veterans of Vietnam, almost unanimously
> are
> >disgusted with him, and say he is unfit for command.
> One particular wingnut, who has had a vendetta against Kerry since
> the 70's, says he's unfit for command. There are just as many swift
> boat vets who sing his praises. 

This is patently FALSE. A poll at the most recent Swift Boat Vets
reunion showed that 85% thought Kerry was completely unfit for command,
10% had no opinion, and 5% thought he was fit for command. Rather
damning poll numbers in my opinion.

Of the officers that posed in a picture with Kerry, which the Kerry
campaign has used in his campaign ads, of those still living, 13 say
he's unfit for command, four have no opinion, and one supports him.

Most importantly, he 
a) lied in his autobiography and before congress about spending
Christmas in Cambodia
b) shot a fleeing Vietcong in the back, for which he faked up one of
his medals, claiming the enemy was "poised to turn around" and that he
didn't 'shoot him in the back'. If the enemy is fleeing, and is only
'poised' to turn around, when you shoot him, you are, by definition and
the laws of physics, shooting him in the back.
c) his commanding officer told him that he wanted Kerry to volunteer
for the "three purple hearts" transfer out of theater, so as not to
risk his men any further.
d) several men who were in combat with him have made statements that he
fled in the face of the enemy and was known as one who repeatedly tried
brown nosing his superiors.

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