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> >THe bioethics council can only reach so far as federal dollars are
> >spent. As has been shown recently, it's not far enough, and I'd
> frankly
> >appreciate the federal government not spending more taxpayer
> dollars.
> >The deficit is bad enough already.
> A deficit for which you can thank W. 

or al Qaeda, for those of us who prefer an accurate version of history.
None of which has an iotas thing to do with my original point, as you
continue to reduce things to hominem and non sequitur.

> I'm particularly bitter about this ever since I woke up one morning
> convinced I had entered the Evil Parallel Universe(tm) because the
> Democrats were talking fiscal responsibility and the Republicans had
> mortgaged the entire fscking country.  We will -never- see a
> comprehensive tax reform in our lifetime, due to the asininity of the
> Bush tax cuts. 

I've always found that it is easier to make progress by jumping on the
reaction to a swing in the wrong direction. Conservative strategies
Grover Norquist seems to me to be a closet anarchist. The spending
strategies of the feds these days seems oriented toward bankrupting the
government into a "Snow Crash" type scenario. Not an entirely bad way
to go IMHO.

Comprehensive tax reform will only happen when we are able to separate
the government from debt backed money. It's the interest on the debt
that is killing us. Since when did congress get the authority to
delegate the money making power to a private bank? The people need to
take that power back.

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