[extropy-chat] Fahrenheit 911 - objective review?

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Sat Aug 14 16:46:24 UTC 2004

> > 1) International law   (or just plain old rule-of-law period)  
> > 
> > Kerry does not yet have conspicuous bad form as the head of 
> > state of a permanent security council member that invaded a 
> > foreign country. 

Mike Lorrey:
> Screw "international law". None of you people who hate Bush
> have even read the Geneva Conventions, so what good are 
> they?

Come on Mike. You are capable of seeing what good international
law (like the UN Charter) and the Geneva Conventions are. They
are in the US national interest. If international law and the Geneva
Conventions didn't exist some competent US head of state would
take a lead role in trying to create them.

- Brett


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