[extropy-chat] Real Extropians don't drive SUVs

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Thu Aug 19 20:14:53 UTC 2004

--- "J. Andrew Rogers" <andrew at ceruleansystems.com>
> You take your Prius on a gravel highway up in the
> mountains and I'll
> take the unused Bronco sitting in my driveway.  The
> Prius is inherently
> less safe even if you never see another vehicle. 
> Which would you rather
> be in if you hit a moose or cattle or got stuck in a
> rainstorm on that road?

Does Mount Hamilton Road/San Antonio Valley Road, in
mid-California, count?  (Also known as Route 130.)  I
took that from Del Puerto Canyon Road all the way
past Mount Hamilton and Lick Observatory to San Jose
(Alum Rock Avenue, at least) in my Prius.  Rough and
winding and at high speed (I think I averaged around
40; it felt safe enough once I got the hang of it at
low speed), and I wouldn't dare do it in a high
center of gravity SUV.

Granted, it was (mostly) paved, and dry.  And there
wasn't any wildlife on the road (although there were a
few other vehicles who passed me).  But the low center
of gravity was what kept me on the road.

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