[extropy-chat] BODY: What Strutting Modifications are Transhuman?!

ben benboc at lineone.net
Fri Aug 20 22:26:32 UTC 2004

I don't see that tattoos or piercings are any more significant to 
Transhumanism than cosmetics or high-heels.

Personally, i don't even so much as wear any jewellery, but i am a 
transhumanist. I do wear spectacles, though, and that counts for far 
more, in my opinion, than a piece of decorative metal, no matter where 
it's stuck on, or in. (Not that i'm saying that wearing 'specs makes you 
a transhumanist!)

If somebody came up with a tattoo that was an active display, that could 
for instance show a clock face, and keep time, i'd get one like a shot. 
Not because it's decorative, but because it's useful. I'd love to have 
the time tattooed on the back of a finger. Couldn't forget or lose my 
watch, then!

To answer the question, though, it's not the modifications that are 
'Transhuman' at all, it's your attitude.


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