[extropy-chat] BODY: What Strutting Modifications are Transhuman?!

Emlyn emlynoregan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 00:19:51 UTC 2004

When are the body modifiers going to work out that no matters how many
tatoos, vampire teeth, and ball bearing implants they get, they'll
still be shallow wankers? Heh heh.


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On Fri, 20 Aug 2004 23:26:32 +0100, ben <benboc at lineone.net> wrote:
> I don't see that tattoos or piercings are any more significant to
> Transhumanism than cosmetics or high-heels.
> Personally, i don't even so much as wear any jewellery, but i am a
> transhumanist. I do wear spectacles, though, and that counts for far
> more, in my opinion, than a piece of decorative metal, no matter where
> it's stuck on, or in. (Not that i'm saying that wearing 'specs makes you
> a transhumanist!)
> If somebody came up with a tattoo that was an active display, that could
> for instance show a clock face, and keep time, i'd get one like a shot.
> Not because it's decorative, but because it's useful. I'd love to have
> the time tattooed on the back of a finger. Couldn't forget or lose my
> watch, then!
> To answer the question, though, it's not the modifications that are
> 'Transhuman' at all, it's your attitude.
> ben
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