[extropy-chat] Tax Burden Gap

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Aug 21 02:17:21 UTC 2004

> Rafal Smigrodzki
> J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
> > It wasn't I who was suggesting that having a few people control the
> > wealth is a good thing, but anyone supporting steep progressive
> > is tacitly supporting such a thing.
> >
> >
> ### ...I absolutely agree that a low-alpha environment 
> appears much more attractive than a high-alpha one...
> However, I wonder what do you think about the idea of progressively 
> taxing the size of economic entities, rather than their income.
> naively, I expect that a tax applied to any transaction (no matter 
> whether an economic gain or loss is claimed) in proportion to the net 
> value (market capitalization, real estate market value, total equity 
> holdings) of the involved entities (no matter whether persons, 
> corporations, non-profits), would serve to lower alpha, by punishing 
> size but without  punishing success...
> Rafal...

Oooh, I get so turned on at that kind of talk.

In a very masculine, heterosexual capitalist way of course.



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