[extropy-chat] Why not vote for Liberty?

Samantha Atkins samantha at objectent.com
Sun Aug 22 05:32:20 UTC 2004

Isn't it time that we who understand the value of liberty actually 
voted for a Presidential candidate who honestly and completely supports 
it?  Yeah a lot of people will say we are throwing away our vote.   A 
lot of people will say that the Libertarians can't win.   I agree it is 
highly improbable.   But what would happen if the people who are tired 
of pointless war, the people who are fed up with the nation spending 
itself into bankruptcy, the people who do not want war without end 
against evil per se, the people who do not want socialized medicine and 
an even larger government, the people who are utterly and complete fed 
up with the "war on drugs" and all the tired, cynical, jaded lovers of 
freedom who never hear a candidate really talk about it - what if all 
of these folks voted for a candidate that did talk about freedom, who 
talked about ending the insane war on drugs, talked of bring the troops 
home now, talked of never supporting a draft, talked of doing away with 
the 16th Amendment, talked of tightly limited government?   Can't win?  
  No it is not impossible - not if all of these could be reached.    It 
is unlikely that enough people will even hear there is a choice much 
less have time to believe there can be a viable choice.

What will we who truly and deeply value liberty do?  Will we vote once 
again for a candidate who is opposed to several issues deeply dear to 
liberty?   Will we chose the lesser of two evils each of which wishes 
to continue the war in Iraq, reinstate the draft, continue the war on 
drugs, continue to run huge federal deficits, continue to assume they 
are the elite fit to run our lives?    Or will we begin to actually act 
in support of liberty?

Yes it is terrible to waste your vote.  Make sure yours is cast for 
what you really believe in.

- samantha

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