[extropy-chat] Why not vote for Liberty?

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Aug 22 09:15:31 UTC 2004

I'm voting for Badnarik - and my son is running on the Libertarian
party ticket here, locally. :)

I agree, I cannot any longer vote for "the lesser of two evils". I
hated going out of the voting booth feeling dirty and dishonest. At
least this time I'll vote honestly.


On Sat, 21 Aug 2004, Samantha Atkins wrote:

> Isn't it time that we who understand the value of liberty actually
> voted for a Presidential candidate who honestly and completely supports
> it?  Yeah a lot of people will say we are throwing away our vote.   A
> lot of people will say that the Libertarians can't win.   I agree it is
> highly improbable.   But what would happen if the people who are tired
> of pointless war, the people who are fed up with the nation spending
> itself into bankruptcy, the people who do not want war without end
> against evil per se, the people who do not want socialized medicine and
> an even larger government, the people who are utterly and complete fed
> up with the "war on drugs" and all the tired, cynical, jaded lovers of
> freedom who never hear a candidate really talk about it - what if all
> of these folks voted for a candidate that did talk about freedom, who
> talked about ending the insane war on drugs, talked of bring the troops
> home now, talked of never supporting a draft, talked of doing away with
> the 16th Amendment, talked of tightly limited government?   Can't win?
>   No it is not impossible - not if all of these could be reached.    It
> is unlikely that enough people will even hear there is a choice much
> less have time to believe there can be a viable choice.
> What will we who truly and deeply value liberty do?  Will we vote once
> again for a candidate who is opposed to several issues deeply dear to
> liberty?   Will we chose the lesser of two evils each of which wishes
> to continue the war in Iraq, reinstate the draft, continue the war on
> drugs, continue to run huge federal deficits, continue to assume they
> are the elite fit to run our lives?    Or will we begin to actually act
> in support of liberty?
> Yes it is terrible to waste your vote.  Make sure yours is cast for
> what you really believe in.
> - samantha
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