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> direction? FYI the fictional mechs are powered by
> fusion powerplants so for real world applications we
> probably do not have a suitable means to power them. 

No reason they can't run on a turbine engine or fuel cell powerplant.
AFAICR, the MI-A1 Abrams has a range of 100 miles on one tank of fuel
with its turbine engine. Fuel cells were generating 100kw/ft^3 a decade
ago. Have no idea what the energy density is today. 100kw is 75 hp.

Fusion is fanciful, but unnecessary. A battle mech should be able to
function with 1000 hp powering hydraulics (better for EMP protection),
thus requiring a 10-13 ft^3 fuel cell powerplant, electric powered
hydraulic pumps with at least 20 gps capacity.

The problem with these battle mechs is the actuation system. These
devices are very vulnerable to damage without serious armorplating
which generally adds so much weight that mobility is hindered.

Tanks are a much saner option. A tank with a blown track is still
upright and capable of firing at the enemy. A mech with a blown leg is
sitting on its head flailing.

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