[extropy-chat] Video of Fighting Humanoid Robots!

Alfio Puglisi puglisi at arcetri.astro.it
Tue Aug 24 09:59:27 UTC 2004

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004, Mike Lorrey wrote:

>No reason they can't run on a turbine engine or fuel cell powerplant.
>AFAICR, the MI-A1 Abrams has a range of 100 miles on one tank of fuel
>with its turbine engine. Fuel cells were generating 100kw/ft^3 a decade
>ago. Have no idea what the energy density is today. 100kw is 75 hp.

The other way around. 100kw is 134hp, so the goal of 1000 hp is reachable
with only 7.5 ft^3.

Now where are the protonic missiles and the antimatter rays? Any giant
mech without those isn't worth it.


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