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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 06:26:48 UTC 2004

as john taylor gatto says, the ignorance is intentionally wrought.
serfs need no knowledge beyond their shire. why have your own opinion
when the media- industrial complex can produce one for you?
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> > Kevin Freels
> > I was just reading an article in my newspaper that said that 
> > roughly 47% of US citizens can;t correctly point out England on a
> world map. 
> > It was in an article titled "Are people too ignorant to vote?"
> Yes, most humans are far too ignorant to vote, and yes 
> it is intentional, for the mainstream news media are 
> misleading the proletariat, not just in the US but
> everywhere news media exist.  This thing about finding
> England on a map is not a good argument however.  Regardless
> of where you go on this planet, you still hafta go to the 
> same airport.  Any nation can trade with or make war on
> any other country anywhere on the globe.  It makes no
> where it is.  Secondly, they don't let US citizens vote
> in England's elections anyway.  Thats how the war started
> in the first place (the one that happened 230 yrs ago).
> Point well taken however.  I am astounded daily at how
> profoundly dumb our species is or is becoming.
> spike
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