[extropy-chat] Singularity shoot-out on Slashdot...

Samantha Atkins samantha at objectent.com
Tue Aug 24 07:18:02 UTC 2004

On Aug 23, 2004, at 7:36 PM, Spike wrote:

>> Kevin Freels
>> I was just reading an article in my newspaper that said that
>> roughly 47% of US citizens can;t correctly point out England on a
> world map.
>> It was in an article titled "Are people too ignorant to vote?"
> Yes, most humans are far too ignorant to vote, and yes
> it is intentional, for the mainstream news media are
> misleading the proletariat, not just in the US but
> everywhere news media exist.

Before the media could tell 'em what to think the public school system 
had to turn young minds to mush incapable of critical thought.  I am at 
least thankful the school system's methods are not 100% successful.

- samantha

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