[extropy-chat] Help save the Apollo launch pad

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Thu Feb 5 04:33:36 UTC 2004

--- Kevin Freels <kevinfreels at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Wednesday may well be the last make-or-break day to
> rescue this
> instantly-recognizable historic structure from final
> destruction.  
> They start using cutting torches within the next day
> or so.

I am reminded of a science fiction race of fly-like
creatures, that was psychologically unable to dispose
of anything.  Be it the cocoon they emerged from or a
stain from yesterday's meal...any reminder of the past
was sacred and inviolable.

They were part of the game Cosmic Encounters.  Their
special power was that, when they moved onto a planet,
everyone else had to leave, and stay off until the
planet was sterilized.  No one else could abide the
sheer amount of trash.  How these creatures spared the
resources to get off their planet in the first place
was one of the great mysteries.

Let the metal live on in things that will be used.  We
know that metal does not have feelings, but to those
who are unsure, ask: what if you had once been a part
of the space program, a valiant symbol of work as well
as useful in building and launching the rockets...and
then some administrators decreed that henceforth, you
would only be a symbol, standing inert and useless
where you were so that others could look on you and
wail about the good old days instead of following up
on the work you helped start?  With space in your
"blood" like that, would you not prefer to be recycled
into another launch tower, or even another rocket?

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