[extropy-chat] Help save the Apollo launch pad

Rob KPO trichrom at optusnet.com.au
Thu Feb 5 05:21:17 UTC 2004

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> With space in your
> "blood" like that, would you not prefer to be recycled
> into another launch tower, or even another rocket?

Given the facilities awareness of the program, and exposure to it, I'd much
rather be an admired living history of something greater then my actual
worth. Cultural icon's in something more than a historical picture isnt such
a bad thing, especially for helping the young develop real appreciation for
the past.

What would be better is to keep it, build the new one nearby so they can
stand together as a demonstration of the US development towards space.

Destroying it is like scraping the Pyramids to build a new airport... sorta.


Rob O

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