[extropy-chat] "Fight Aging!" collaborative weblog launches

Reason reason at longevitymeme.org
Thu Feb 5 06:39:12 UTC 2004

As an extension to the Longevity Meme ( http://www.longevitymeme.org ), I
have launched the "Fight Aging!" collaborative weblog - allowing myself and
other contributers to do all the fun things I really can't do with the
Longevity Meme in terms of link exchanges, interaction, divertissements and
online networking with the blog community. It's a very active space, and a
good target for basic advocacy and education for healthy life extension.


If you blog, you can help make the growth curve a little sharper for us by
linking to Fight Aging! or giving us a mention. If you've made a
contribution to the Methuselah Mouse prize (
http://www.methuselahmouse.org ) and have a blog, let us know - we'd like to
build a list of contributing bloggers. If you have an abiding, demonstrated
interest in life extension, can write, and would like to make the occasional
meaningful contribution to educating the world about longer, healthier
lives, also let us know.

Suggestions, bug notices and constructive criticism gracefully taken.

Founder, Longevity Meme

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