[extropy-chat] FWD (SK) The Coming Climate Collapse

Kevin Freels kevinfreels at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 8 01:39:17 UTC 2004

Just how much land area are we speaking of? Enough so that a group of
entrepreneurs could buy the land, blow it up, and do this without anyone
knowing until it was too late?

Is there any land (or water area) available for purchase really cheap that
could then be sold off afterwards to make a fortune on this deal? This is a
plan worthy of Dr Evil himself!

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> On Saturday, February 07, 2004 5:57 PM Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
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> > The Lesser Dryas period was marked by
> > a DROP in sea levels, as evidenced by
> > the underwater sites found in northern
> > europe of prehistoric communities built
> > on stilts. If anything, the Netherlands
> > should now be PAYING the US to pollute,
> > if we have an Ice Age. They'll get more
> > land and less need for dikes thanks to us.
> >
> > This report is more statist propaganda.
> Hey, if you want lower sea levels -- or if anyone does -- remember the
> proposal to flood the East African Rift Valley?  It's a fairly cheap
> macroengineering project.  You just have to open up the part near the
> Red Sea a little.  In fact, that can probably be done with a few well
> placed conventional explosives and minimal excavation.  I'm sure if the
> opening is widened just a wee bit, nature will do the rest...  Anyone
> interested?
> Later!
> Dan
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